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The CMSP group was founded in 1970 at Frossasco (about 25 km from Turin).
The company core business is cold pressing of precision sheet metal part, design and manufacture of tools (compound-progressive-transfer) and prototyping of new products in
“Single Digit Time”

The company has increasingly grown overtime, with the acquisition of other companies, and improving its knowledge in the sector of precision stamping. As well as expanding its product range to customers in the automotive sector.

CMSP Group

Frossasco (TO)

Airasca (TO)

Cocquio Trevisago (VA)

Macello (TO)

Frossasco (TO)



To offer high quality precision stamping product and service to our customers / partners, so as to be able to support their existing business and develop new business of the future.


 Wide range of mechanical and hydraulic presses (135) with the power from 25 to 800 tons.

 Large and updated machinery to manufacture all type of tools and equipments.